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Can a search be done within a specific subject only


Am trying to search for 1980 T/A grille set but need to search within a specific subject and not the whole board. Can this be done. Thank You

What kind of info are you looking for?
Are you wanting to search a particular subject line or a specific section of the forum?

Trying to search in Parts for Sale for a set of 1980 T/A grille set. Thank You

To widen your search, '79-81 grilles will be the same.

You can click "search" at top of the forum...then click "advanced search"...type your keywords in the "search for" lower left of field, UNcheck "check all"...then click "Choose a board to search in, or search all"......just check the section you want...this will allow you to search that particular section only (like "parts for sale").. and click "search" in lower right of field

Hope this helps

Worked just like a Ma Deuce should. Perfect.


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