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Hello, I have a T / C of 1979 I do install new radio, the original connector has 3 wires one yellow, one gray, one black, and one which 12v, the yellow one? What is black? What is gray? And where the remote connection of the amplifier?  ::)  thanks guys  ;)

12v is usually red, black is usually ground, im guessing grey and yellow are left/right speakers?

Yellow is power (12V)

Grey is illumination,

Black is ground.

Are you installing a factory radio, or aftermarket?

I install a Kenwood, I had the radio delco original but it feels good  :-[. Thank you very much for information :)

If your wiring is not already butchered up, I highly recommend dropping a few bucks on a wire harnesses stereo adapter when installing an aftermarket radio like the Metra 70-1677-1, Scosche GM01B, or equivalent. This way you are not cutting up factory wiring.


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