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Smaller misc decal placement??

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78 Y88
400 AT

Finishing up my "back to showroom" project. need to put the decals under the hood and deck lid in "the right places". Can't find necessary photos online. any help?

Which decals? As far as the trunk lid went, anywhere was  used, some were more common and not always neat or straight. Under the hood, emissions decal, air cleaner element decal, ac box decal and wiper motor decal, not including production line tags for harness, valve cover and master cyl etc. All very available in a search.

Should have known better than to reply to someone with 1 post in several years of loitering. Such a stupid question. If you can't use Google then adding stickers is likely beyond you too.

Thank you for your gracious reply. Someone else beat you to the answer but thanks for your 2 cents worth. Yes I’m new to the forum so I guess I wasn’t aware that we needed to “talk”. Do you need my number?

Yes, what's your number. Or save the effort, I'll tell you to stop being a smartarse here instead.
5 years, and you decide to respond. Thanks for your contribution. And Yes, it's a Forum rule to reply. It's in fact a life rule to reply, it's called manners.


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