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Hello all,

I have a problem with my rear wheel flares, they donít stay close to the body of the car, body shop put foam 3m tape to hold them on but they pop off and I see the tape and gaps. Really not eye appealing. Can someone suggest a solution please. Thank you in advance.

They should attach along the wheel well with screws I believe and two bolts that pass through the body into dead space kinda behind the door jam. Sounds like you may not have those boots (studs actually)?

i have all the studs and screws that are factory, they just do not fit good. Two way tape is not a good fix so far. 

forgot to mention, the screws x2 are screwed under the body and yes the bolts are behind the door vent. there are no screws along the actual flare.

Are these your original or repro?
If they are repro (likely ABS plastic), it's not unusual for there to be a slight wave/poor fit where they meet the quarter behind the door.
I have always used a heat gun (sparingly) to "nudge" them into shape.
Probably not do-able for you if they have already been painted....


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