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Rear flares

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I don't have a TA, but don't some of the repros also not include the mounting bracket, they are just a shell? Have seen someone before trying to mount them and realised they were missing half of what was required and didn't have a used set either. But I may have that wrong. Silly cars with silly flares...!

"Silly cars with silly flares"  LOL
I love T/A's but I have said before it is car with a giant sticker on it haha

I think you're thinking of the Danko flares...a shell unless you pay extra for the mounting brackets....yeah, no thanks.

I've used the repro flares from The Parts Place a couple of times and though they need a little massaging to fit flush, they are good parts.

They are factory flares. I think Iím going to remove them and see if there is some adjustment play on the bolts.


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