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455 cylinder head question


Iím building a 455 for my wifeís 79 T/A.  I have a complete 1973 motor with 4X heads and want to use different, factory heads.  My plan is to use the factory crank and upgrade to a roller cam/rocker setup.  I have someone selling both #94 and #99 heads, are these a good fit for this motor?  Iím not looking for a screamer, but want something thatís able to get up and go.  Any feedback will be very helpful. 

Both are 96 cc heads, so you'd have to watch your compression ratio.. depending on your deck height, should be about 9 -9.5 to 1.  With the roller set up, you need to have screw in rocker studs.  Just my opinion of coarse...      Not a screamer, but yes, plenty of fun!

When you have gobs of torque you don't need it to be a screamer.


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