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No harmonic balancer


Hello, I'm from Germany and need your help. I drive a 1976 Firebird with 350 cui, 2 bbl without harmonic balancer. Instead of the balancer, Pontiac only installed a disc with a marking for top dead center. In Rocky Rotella's book "How to rebuilt Pontiac V8 s" he said you should replace this with a harmonic balancer. The engine is stock and I want to replace the timing chain. That would be the opportunity to install a harmonic balancer if I have everything apart anyway. Now my question, does it even make sense to spend money on a stock motor? This worked for 46 years without a balancer. And what do I look for the balancer? How do I know which one fits. Do you have a recommendation?
Many Thanks

Y88 TA:
Google 594-158 Dorman harmonic balancer. I think thats the one you need.

Thank you


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