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OK,another power window question...since I can't find an answer


OK, so the drivers side window will not go up. the drive side works perfect. So I replaced switch and pigtail with new one. No difference. I ran wire from battery, unplugged motor and put wire to each side of prong on motor and window flies up and down perfect.  When I put connector back on, it's the same, it goes down ok but not up. If this was a ground issue, why does it work ok when I put power to it directly? I checked for broken wires, non found. Any ideas?  Thanks
Update: I put a test light to the connector to each side, no light on the test light? Is it supposed to light up when I touch either connector probe?

It won't light up unless there's power there via the switch, in which case the window would likely be moving also. If it works when powered directly and you've replaced the switch and it works at least one side then there's obviously some bad connection in between the other side. Not much you can do but trace the wiring and test for power at each connector. Perfect excuse to upgrade with relays anyway since all the section that is playing up gets replaced, just like you will possibly have to do just to get it to work slowly and like a 45 year old stock system.

Also, confirm the side that doesn't work has a good grounding, the door hinges gunk and rust up, or get bolted onto fresh paint. Run the ground direct to door shell metal to test, maybe you did. I was confused as to what you had done and what it isn't doing.


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