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Any Jeep Fans?/Oil pressure prob

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I got this Jeep for my wife heard the 6cyl was industructable. So I got low or no oil pressure at idle. Changed sending unit cleaned conectins new oil pump heavier oil ect. Seems like most people here are more ________ lets just say knowledgable. I need some opinions. here is my jeep post:

I dont want to pull this motor I have too many other projects

could be the oil pump? if the previous one failed, then it could happen again, not to mention if it is a typical metal gear pump and the previous pump was so bad that it sent metal through the oil then  your bearings could be worn causing for a drop in pressure.....

question is.. are you going by the factory gauge or going by the indicator light.. my suggestion would hook up a test gauge to verify your pressure. if the gauge shows a differant reading then I would say your wiring is at fault.
  not familuar with the engine set up you have in your jeep....V6, Inline, if the sending unit is connected to a oil filter adapter plate.... had a Berratta GT that had the same problem.. changed sending unit, oil pump, crank, and it came down to the oil filter adapter plate had a gasket that had blown out and oil was by-passing when the engine got up to operating temp. changed the gasket and oil pressure went up to above normal ( installed high pressure pump ).

I have a mechanical gage hooke up and its a inline 6

I do not have any 4.0 experience, but I have had a few 4.2L Jeep motors.  They all have low pressure at idle.  I would bet that the previous owner had the same problems hence the new pump and sending unit.  How is the pressure under normal driving conditions?  You are correct that the engines are "indestructible", however they do wear out.  I have seen some with over 200k and others that are done at 120k.  If you have decent pressure under normal driving conditions, I would switch to one of the High Mileage engine oils and drive it without worry.  I think it is functioning as designed considering the mileage.  Just be careful with it if you take it off-road.  My valvetrain clatters like crazy when idling on really steep inclines.

I am hoping my 73 Firebird project will turn out as well as my 82 Scrambler.


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