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I've noticed a lot of the same questions pop up time and again so I thought this might be handy to refer to ;)

Make sure to check the homepage here ( ) as there is plenty of information to be had ;)

Posting pictures:

You can either sign-up for a free membership at a photo hosting site like , load your pix there and then post the "IMG Code" of the pic directly into your post here
load your pictures on this site by following the "Gallery" link at the top of this page.

Nose Swaps:

Yes, you can change the front end of your bird to a different year style...generally, you'll need to change the steel bumper as well as the nose itself....sometimes fender brackets and hood swaps are also necessary (depending on the year).


No, Pontiac did not keep records of this so there is no way of knowing if a car is rare by the color or option combinations it has.


If the original buildsheet to your car is gone, it cannot be replaced; they were used in assembly at the factory and then either put in the car or tossed.

PHS documents for your car can be ordered here:
This is as close as you will get to a buildsheet and they are invaluable in determining what your car is/was.

And a few pictures to clarify some parts by name...I thought this might help with some commonly misused terms

Air Cleaner Housing:


Shaker Base:

Shaker Hood:


Quarter Panel:

Wheel Flare:

Front spoiler/valance:

Rear Spoiler:

Tail Panel:



Parts Companies:
Most of these companies offer free catalogs by mail or download.
Very handy to have for ordering parts, price comparisons, and also just as a reference source.

If anyone else would like to add to this, feel free to jump in  ;D

also for nose swaps check :P

i am guilty of this as well.  sometimes i cannot find what i am looking for right away so i just post the question, knowing someone will have the answer i need or point out the link.  i'm not very patient right now it seems.

Joker (§ir£Ğragon):
Maybe this )or something like it) can be made into a FAQ sticky.

I always try to use the search section, but seem to have trouble finding the magic word to get what I want.


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