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I have a 80 Formula, a Norwood's car, and I don't kown why, on the cowl tag, there's no W50 for formula package or W66 for formula, nothing ... just the A51 for bucket seats and CC1 for the t-top etc...
Is it possible the code W50 or W66 have not been stamped on all cars even ig is it a Norwood car. On my VIN number it's a formula and the car has all the Formula kit...

That's basically all it was. Appearance packages often didn't matter on the build line at that point. It would be good to confirm the details in other ways just as others have to when not stamped on there. But as you probably know, VN seemed to not do this, Norwood often did, but still not always and in later years probably less than before. I'm not sure what you call the Formula kit but check the VIN in the dash to confirm Formula, but it won't tell if a W50. For 1980 it should still be 2U87...etc.

Having said that, it always seemed redundant that they'd stamp bucket seats since they all were, and then not bother with options less common!

Thank very murch, I think too tje Norwood plant doesn't stamped all the rpo codes...
Yes indeed my serial number confirms to me that it is a Formula and by kit I just wanted to say that I had the hood of the Formula, the spoiler and all the crest etc ... I said to myself that I had maybe  a formula without the W50 option, and that in this case I had no rpo code for that, not even the W66 and that we added the W50 package to it at some point in its life ... but the rest works like  the vinyl deluxe cameo interior, the t-top etc ... so I think the Formula rpo code has just been forgotten ...


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