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Can you tell if your T/A came with that package by the dia. Of the back or front sway bars. This car also has drum brakes on the back and disc on the front. Thanks

Drums on the rear won't relate to WS6 on a '78 since rear disc weren't part of WS6 till '79.
Info on WS6 can be found here:

That still won't give you a clear answer since parts could have been changed easily over the years.
The definitive answer as to what your car came with from the factory would be to get the PHS documents for it...those can be ordered here:

The car has the 1.25 sway bar on the front and .750 on the back.  It is a 20,000 mile unrestored car. It is w-72 wc code

Probably, but I wouldn't advertise it as such without proof. Yes, it's likely but also common and easily swapped, unlike some options. 8" rims also.
Take lots of detail pics, even things that seem trivial now.

look at the tire size on the door if its a real WS6 car the tire size will be 225/75/R15


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