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So I bought the Firebird this past weekend.  I have found out a little info about the engine (see attached photos) 
Numbers on bac k of block drivers side are 18 GM 3970010  Numbers on front passenger side are V0916CNN
V tells me it was made in Flint MI.  CNN tells me it was made in 1970, 350CI, 250HP, originally 2 barrell carb with TH350 Tranny, installed in either Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino, or a Nova. 

I do not know what 18 GM means (GM probably means General Motors).  I do not know what the 0916 means.  I have searched but have had no luck finding any info.

I do not know what the DNT and circle of dots mean.  Any ideas?

Is there a way to tell what transmission is on the car without pulling it out?  All I know now is that it is automatic.

Is there a way to tell what rear end is on the car?  There should be a tag somewhere correct?  I know I need to replace rear bearings, wheel seals, and probably the drum brakes while I have it all apart.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

another pic

one more photo

Other than possibly a 1970 engine, is that what your car is, a '70 Firebird?

Tags and stamps on the rear mean nothing if half the time they've been swapped out or not original to the car. Don't bother counting wheel and tailshaft turns, pop the cover off and check it directly. It will want a fluid change anyway and you will no longer be guessing. If it requires bearings then you'll probably need to do that anyway to release the axles. I guess, also check if 12-bolt or 10-bolt rear end, is your car a '70?

Likewise, trans pans are easy to determine what you have, all different shapes and bolt patterns. Can be a partial VIN stamped on the tail mounting pad also.

Often, casting numbers, codes and patterns can be in-house data for casting foundry, not GM related. Could be date, shift, worker, foundry station.


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