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One you don't see often, or notice perhaps, anyone know the details of the W72 301 over a regular 301 in '81?

Came with a dual resonator, better cam, better exhaust system(?) was VIN Y for engine in 1980 but still W in 1981, had more HP over the standard 301 motors, and was the real "T/A 4.9". Had a slightly higher duration on the cam I think? Available on T/A's only

Cool Cool. That was an attempt at starting a conversation but not nearly as interesting as if someone posted it on fbook.

Well I learned something new. Never looked much into 301 info but never heard of a W72 option. Thatís kinda cool. It wasnít till a few years ago that Iíd heard of the 4.3l Pontiac either which I also find kinda cool.

These forums sadden me. Theyíre all dying for the most part. Donít get me started on FB. The only guess I can make with that is itís popularity comes from laziness. People like the ability to throw their question out there and have instant response, even if from some keyboard wizard know-it-allís giving poor or dangerous advice, rather than take the time to join and contribute or, god forbid, read a forum looking for answers to past questions. Itís frustrating.

Unlike Fbook, if someone asks a question on here, you get one reply, and any other replies just add extra information or a different view. Over there you get 50 replies, all saying the same thing because they aren't capable of reading what had already been posted. But you also get just as many incorrect replies that are copied over and over and no one blinks. At least here someone says wait, don't you mean X or perhaps I'm confused also. It's good here, you can also post absolute meaningless crap and when you feel like something to read, come back and reply to your own posts that are still unread.


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