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Any insights as to the factory build sheet, box 47 numbers for batteries and what capacity (cold cranking amps or cca) of battery to which they correspond?

My car, a ‘79 Trans Am SE (Y84) W72 WS6 4 speed car w/air and no rear def. Box 47 number for the battery is 401. Have seen some references that this is the last three digits of the GM part number, but unclear.

Other numbers reported on various different cars are 400, 402 and 403. Suspect these each have different cold cranking amps (cca). Any insights?

#1980401 430CCA.

With the kind assistance of Trevor78, Wallington and Aussie, the following clarifications on the OEM Freedom Batteries installed by GM during the build of the Trans Am’s in the late 1970’s, with references to the number in box 47 on the factory build sheet:

Common battery part numbers for the late-70's were #1980400, 1980401 and 1980402. Each of these batteries had a different cold cranking amperage (cca) and each is associated, respectively with the following factory installations: Light Duty, build number 400, which was a R85-5, and had 350CCA; Regular Duty, build number 401, which was a 1102484 and had 430CCA; and Heavy Duty, build number 402, which was the Freedom II R89-5, the battery used for the UA1 option and which had 465CCA.

3 helpful chaps.


Do you know when the change occurred in the battery model or branding designation, from the designation “Energizer” to “Freedom?” Perhaps the “Energizer” designation installed by GM during production of Firebirds was used prior to 1979? Kindly advise.


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