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Trans Am newbie here.

Where to you guys go for parts? Catalogs? Which ones?

national parts depot -
year one -
ames -
performance years -
paddock -
texas trans ams -
arizona rust free trans am parts -
umm i think thats all of them
oh yea and brett gets good prices too...obviously you have his site


"Much Obliged"

forgot one:

Classic Industries

CT Bird Fan:
Do these parts dealers generally sell the same aftermarket restoration parts?

I need to replace most of my interior (1979 non-original Formula), and would like some advice on these parts. Namely a new headliner (like the one Brett shows in his installation tips with pvc backing), rear seat shelf, and center console lid. I will also be replacing the seat covers (zipper back) when I can afford it!

I'm looking to replace alot of the interior plastic trim as well, but I figure I can get used originals on Ebay or from a local salvage yard relatively cheap, and just re-dye them if needed. If anyone has the rear panels (with the arm rest molded in for the back seats) in good condition at a good price, I could certainly use those! Light blue preferred.


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