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Hooray for Hitman

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I recently placed an order for some manuals on CD from Brett "The Hitman". I just wanted to mention again how excellent the service was: great pricing, packaging, delivery, etc. If you haven't ordered from Brett before, take my advise....he's one of the best to deal with!!   A+ ;D

Here, Here, I agree.  I purchased the CD set as well and 2 t-shirts and 2 polo shirts.  All pacakged well and came lickety split.  A++

I BET YOU TWO OWN A SET OF KNEE PADS TOO!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!  Sorry fellas....I was trying my best to leave this alone but I just could'nt!!!  GOT YA!!!

Actually, the full story is that my wife had no clue what she needed to do but knew I wanted the CD's (it was to be a Christmas present for me).  Hitman helped her out in getting them however, she got the wrong CD (at the time I didn't know Hitman at all) so I contacted Brett, explained the situation and he got me the right CD's a.s.a.p.  All through the process he was polite and helped in every way he could, without charging extra.

So, no knee pads needed here, Hitman deserves the praise!  ;)

It was a JOKE!!  You know like HA HA??  I didn't mean any harm!!  I knew I was pushing my luck but the Immature little boy inside got the best of me.  If I offended you I am sorry.   I'll put the dunce hat on and I'll go to the corner.   


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