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78 Trans Am Build Sheet Confusion



I have a 78 Trans AM, second owner.  Just rolled over 30K miles.  It is black on black, T-tops, 4-speed, etc.  I attached the build sheet.

I got the L78 motor and W72 performance package - so does this mean 220HP from the factory?

Also, do you have any idea how many black on black, T-topped, 4 speeds, were built in Van Nuys, CA.  Is my ride common, rare, or somewhere in the middle?

Adding a picture for viewing pleasure, the interior is almost as nice as the exterior, excellent for a 40 year old car.

According to your build sheet: You have the W72 performance package which means you do have the stock 220 HP motor.   You also have the WS6 which is the performance handling package so a bigger sway bar and that is usually accompanied with the 8" rims, which you also have.

As far as rarity:  Not really rare, but it is a 4 speed which is always a plus.  In 1978 the records for that year are very vague.  For what ever reason, 1978 records did not get kept very well. 

If it was a "Special Edition" it would have either Y82 or Y84 on the build sheet, but none the less, a very beautiful Trans Am.

Thanks so much!!!  I do not know what the Special Edition has but I am really happy with this one!!!  For a 40 year old car she still has some bite left in her.  I am hoping for a Midwest Bandit Run in the near future, woulld be a blast to take part it!  Again, thanks for your feedback, appreciate all you do for the Trans Am owners around the globe!!!

NICE !!! :o 8) 8)


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