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Re-doing the interior of a 79 trans am.

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Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of re-doing my interior and I have some questions.

1. i got seat covers from PUI. camel tan, with hobnail inserts. they dont look that great, if anything, it looks like they were sewn wrong because there are wrinkles in the material that will not go away originating from where the hobnail inserts meets the siding. like if the material was bunched up during the stitching process. is this normal?

2. insulation for sound/heat. I have headers and a mild cam on the engine and it pours heat into the car. looking for some good insulation primarily for heat. ive been seeing a lot of dynamat, fatmat, and hushmat. they are pretty expensive, and i dont know the difference between them. does anyone have recommendations?

3. I got some plastic interior pieces in "camel tan" and they look really off in color. does anyone have pictures of what a newer camel tan interior should look like?


Without seeing them it sounds like PUI work, kinda ok but to a budget. Obviously, if the wrinkles are at the stitching, then no amount of padding and leaving in sun is going to smooth it out.

Most of those are sound insulation, with a side effect of some heat insulation. Both is good for an interior, there isn't always much difference between brands that have the tar backing and foil top, but then a layer of thick carpet wadding insulation over it is what really helps with both, along with making the carpet fit. Everyone has their own brand or experience, generally if you get a brand name and a decent price, you are good to go. Even the cheap and nasty no-brand stuff has its place, but it tends to already be messy and exposure to hot floor will happily make it ooze out, but it areas where it's 2-3 sheets deep to add packing, it's fine.

Camel tan is one of those colours that even new, didn't match the panel next to it. The vinyl, the cloth, the plastic, the carpet were all different shades which in a way helped the whole interior match, not just one area that looked wrong. There's a few trim pieces out there that are already molded in colour, some take on an orange hue, and of course there's only one or two Camel tan dyes which is probably matched off an original dash paint colour code.

What specific Camel tan parts are you having dramas with?

So I got the plastic seat-backs and as you mentioned, it has an orange hue. I got the interior quarter panels in last night, along with some vinyl dye, but I haven't opened it up to look at those yet.

Aah, havem't seen them but it's possible if molded in colour. There was some variation, and it can change over the years as plastic breaks down differently to other materials, as well as affected by how it was stored. If it's a bonus in any way, it's better to dye a part that is already that colour, less paint for coverage and small nicks are less obvious that if it were black or blue under it.

Here's a close to mint original Camel Tan interior.

Interesting. It seems as though the camel tan in vinyl is a different shade and matches the plastic pieces better than the cloth does. I was able to take a look at the other plastic parts that came in and it's the same as the last ones, and orange/pink looking color. I also got some camel tan vinyl spray from camaro/firebird central and that actually looks tan compared to the plastic pieces


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