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Ok, So first and foremost, Go easy on me, I just recently purchased my first 2nd Gen (1977) and I already want to tear into it. I have owned several 3rd gens and decided to stop all that nonsense. Anyways, I want to upgrade the standard interior seats to the Deluxe model "Horse collar". After reading and watching vids on youtube etc. I understand the seat backs on the deluxe's have a special bracket that attaches to the seat frame itself for fastening the "back" . I understand the entire design of the plastic seat backs are different from the standards, which is where you awesome F-Body gods come into play. Where can I buy those brackets? Do they even make them? Am I wasting my time all together? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

You would probably need to find used pieces as I don't believe these are reproduced.

The bracket is about a foot long and attaches horizontally to the back of seat has an "ear" (pointing UP) on each end and is held to frame with screws.

Picture I found online is here...look at picture showing the backside of bare metal seat back frames

Plenty of trashed seats out there, buy complete and strip for parts.

Burd Turd:
Why ruin another car, keep it factory.

Thanks everyone. I found an excellent set of front and rear deluxe's, out of a 76 in Michigan. I used to work for JCI building car seats for 9 years when I was younger, so blasting the frames and re-covering these will be simple. New foams, tracks and covers on the way! I thought long and hard about keeping it original and not "ruining" the car. The best solution I can come up with is I will save every piece of the original interior and replace everything I can with OER parts, and paint is just paint. It can always be painted back to the original color. The car has already been repainted a few years ago so its not like its original paint. I bought a very solid 77, Brentwood brown/ Buckskin Z code, 4 spd M21 (I know its not a muncie) from an estate auction at what I thought a steal of a price. It has tons of potential and 77K original miles with AC. I have always wanted the SE car for obvious reasons and at the end of the day its my car. But again, thanks for chiming in, Im sure I will be needing tons of help soon. Especially with the electrical...


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