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Kentuckyyeti, the Sequel

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I made another trip to Mike and Rita's home in Kentucky today for a parts run.

Again, I cannot say enough good things about my friends hospitality. Truly a great guy to deal with and the proud owner of "Trans-Am Land" ;D
I don't think there's a part out there that hasn't passed through this guys hands at one time or another...Mike (and his wife Rita) is a true asset to the 2nd Gen community as he is not in this for the fame or fortune but merely the love of the car and the hobby it has become. A humble man with a greater knowledge of these cars than he realizes.

Thank you Mike...see you again soon. We need to get you back out there to those cars for some quality wrench time... and get that garage cleared ;)

Big thanks from Prettybird81, Sir English Firebird, and myself.

Thanks, Jeff.  It's always good to see you and to hear about the T/A adventures that you have while bringing these babies back fom the brink.  People like you are the reason I keep bringing them home- to hopefully keep the T/A dream alive for others to enjoy.  Hope you, Jeri and SEF all get some good out of that pile of parts.  Door's always open, and there's always 10 or so cars waiting in the background. :o

Wouldn't happen to deal with 3rds too huh? :D

pm sent.

Sir english firebird:
Kentuckyyeti, me, my and my bird appreciate your generosity, thats another pint ive got to buy at the Nats!

If i could nip on a plane, tool box in hand you'd have nothing left mate, and i'b be wiping back the tears as i would want to save them all!

Thanks again for releasing parts to aid the revamp of my Firebird!

Your name will appear in the door or other panel of a brand new car. ( Just ask Jeff! ) lol


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