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19th Annual Pontiac Spring Dust-off, Davisburg, Michigan May 20th


The Widetrackers, Michigan Chapter 16 of P.O.C.I. are proud to announce our 19th Annual Pontiac-Oakland-GMC Spring Dust-off. It is scheduled (rain or shine) for Sunday May 20th at Springfield Oaks Park in beautiful Davisburg, Michigan. For fliers or additional information, call 810-579-1988 or 810-265-6540 or email

OK, 784mula, since you seem to have the inside track on carshows in MI, let me ask you this one...

Last September (Sept 9, to be exact) I was hauling south on I-69 just south of Lansing, MI.  I was in a gaggle of traffic so I didn't get a good look, but I SWEAR I saw a sign at one of the exit ramps advertising a Firebird show.  I didn't get a good look as I was changing lanes in heavy traffic, and I didn't get a very long look -- but I THOUGHT that is what I saw.

Know anything about that? :-\

You got me there Rick, although Downtown Lansing does have three shows each summer called "Cruising the Gut" & one is in September (all models however). I am about 45 minutes away from there. Sorta like a Tipp City atmosphere.

Well, thanks, and I'd appreciate it if you keep your ears open.  It might have been a figment of my imagination, but it'd be nice to find out it wasn't! :D


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