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DriveTrain / Polling for experience(s) with aftermarket PYPES exhaust for 1978 400 T/A
« Last post by T_MAC on November 24, 2021, 01:16:22 PM »
Hi All,

I was hoping to get some comments/advice from anyone who has used a PYPES after market dual exhaust kit.  I would love to hear your comments if you have used the PYPES product on a 2nd Gen Firebird or if you have experiences/recommendations with other manufacturer's complete exhaust systems.  I am considering the PYPES SGF70 Race Pro (single muffler with dual in/out) kit or the SGF13S Street Pro (2 muffler kit).  I sincerely appreciate any advice.

Best Regards,

Restoration Projects / 79 TA project
« Last post by eviledolean on November 18, 2021, 12:29:50 PM »
Working on the floor boards right now.  Gonna put some POR15 to protect from further rust damage.   May look at going with some aftermarket front seats.    You Guys have any suggestions for some black aftermarket front seat for a 79 TA seats?
Trans Am Information / Re: W72 301
« Last post by Aus78Formula on November 15, 2021, 05:50:54 AM »
Unlike Fbook, if someone asks a question on here, you get one reply, and any other replies just add extra information or a different view. Over there you get 50 replies, all saying the same thing because they aren't capable of reading what had already been posted. But you also get just as many incorrect replies that are copied over and over and no one blinks. At least here someone says wait, don't you mean X or perhaps I'm confused also. It's good here, you can also post absolute meaningless crap and when you feel like something to read, come back and reply to your own posts that are still unread.
DriveTrain / Front seal
« Last post by green-hornet on November 14, 2021, 03:07:00 PM »
My engine,pontiac 400 '76 was overhauled 7 years ago.
I had it break-in(cam) a few weeks ago, it went good.
Now I saw my front crankshaft seal is sweating. I want to replace this now, it must have dried out a bit after standing still for 7 years.  Never replace such a seal. Do you have tip and truck?
Restoration / Re: Donor
« Last post by Aus78Formula on November 07, 2021, 11:29:57 PM »
if you have to transfer the VIN then you'll likely end up with 2 cars worth scrap steel, and the authorities on your tail. You can perhaps remove it for cowl repairs and reinstall, but it has to still be on same body, with same build plate and matching stamped numbers on firewall. If that's a drama, I'd get rid of it, it's already junk.
Restoration / Donor
« Last post by Dangling Unit on November 07, 2021, 09:37:55 PM »
I have a Y88 that I need to finally restore (more of a complete rebuild), but I dragged the car to PA and wasn't able to work on it for the last 10 years, so the corrosion just progressively got worse. I'm thinking of getting a donor car (I now live in AZ) and swapping the VIN and whatever else I need to. I don't to restore the car at this point, but don't want to do anything to it that will make it difficult to restore at a later date (it's numbers-matching).

What do I need to transfer to the donor car in order to be able to restore it later?

What years will work and/or be the easiest to do this with?

Thank you all in advance.
Forum Help and Suggestions / Re: Can't access site on phone
« Last post by Burd Turd on October 26, 2021, 10:26:02 PM »
 Get a Apple, those phones you get free are what they are.
Restoration / Re: 77 Trans Am Rear Bumper Bracket Help....
« Last post by BigBird1977 on October 25, 2021, 08:33:21 AM »
Thanks for the response.  Yes, the studs do line up between the two.  I think I just have to use the new one and try to reform it to look like mine.  Shouldn't be too bad. 
Restoration / Re: 77 Trans Am Rear Bumper Bracket Help....
« Last post by Aus78Formula on October 23, 2021, 11:42:09 PM »
The thin version is what the soft 76/77 rear bumpers used, upgraded for 78 with new bumper material. Doe the holes still line up to use it?
Restoration / Re: 77 Trans Am Rear Bumper Bracket Help....
« Last post by BigBird1977 on October 22, 2021, 09:15:50 AM »

I ordered it from Ames Performance, part number FL581JF.
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