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4Speed - Unreliable and Not Recommended
« on: May 17, 2013, 06:34:26 PM »
Would not recommend purchase form this user. Poor communication and unreliable. Appears from this topic that he has done this before.

Sticking to the facts and keeping things civil:

Contacted 4Speed (Doug L) regarding his add for a steering wheel. He gave prompt responses to PM for address to send funds, provided a preferred texting number.

I asked via PM  to confirm receipt of funds and shipping data with no reply.

Sporadic communication (after I initiated all) via text.

Transcript of text messages:

Apr 30 (me): From Scott re: steering wheel. Did u receive money order? Mailed last Monday afternoon. Appreciate heads up if u have and shipping info for wheel. Thanks

May 1 (4speed): Yep got it. My wife said its on my desk. Ill be home Friday night. And send it out sat morn.

May 8 (me) From Scott. Did u mail out steering wheel this weekend as discussed?

May 8 (4 speed): Yep sure did. I had to work sat for 6 hrs. So my wife sead (sic) she would ship it. I know the check is still sitting on the table. Ill call her in the morn when she gets home and check with here (sic). Sorry for the delay.

May 13 (me): Has the steering wheel been shipped? I would like to get the part or my money back by close of biz Friday.

No response to the last text as of today 5/17.

Plenty of lessons learned for me as buyer but would not recommend 4 Speed to anyone for anything.

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