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Where can I find a brass float for a carburetor for a 78 400?

The repo places only seem to carry nitrophl floats.  As does the carbs unlimited, and the Carburetor Doctor has brass floats but they are out of stock.

OK, I found brass floats on ebay.  They fit perfectly.  I bought five of them so I'll have spares!  Priced right too....$9.99 each and $4.00 shipping for the lot.

Eagle 1:
LOL....five will last you a life time and then some. :lol:

You're suppose to replace the original nitrophly floats because modern fuels can cause them to get heavy and lose their buoancy.  I have four carburetors to rebuild, so that leaves one spare.  The brass floats ought to last forever.

I did test the nitrophly float from the carburetor I'm rebuilding.  It hadn't lost its buoancy so I may reuse it.  It's pretty simple to replace the float it there are problems in the future.


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