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Rock Auto VS local auto parts stores

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Every time I call a local auto parts store..I get the same song and dance.
Phone rings 30 times,guy answer's and asks if he can help me.
I tell him what I need..he puts me on hold..answer's the phone again in 10 minutes. >:(
Service today is extremely poor.
I prefer to shop online with rock auto.
They have a bigger selection and better pricing..even if I have to pay shipping.
They don't carry high performance parts..but they always send the correct parts quickly.
Rant over. 8)

Don't leave out Amazon in your search for parts. They have more then one thinks, good prices, and alot will ship free.  Was looking for a center link for my 79 and the best price I found was around $110+20ship=130. Found it at amazon for under $100+free ship. Also found most of the front end parts there. All made in the USA Moog parts.  And NO, I don't work for amazon. Just trying to help save $$$$. The $30 I saved on the center link paid for 2 of the tie rods.

Yes, I do use Rock Auto too for them hard to find parts, and thier wholesale close outs can be a steal. Just keep an eye on the shipping can rack up fast.

I also use RockAuto for replacement parts. Local guys don't have a clue-especially with a car with mixed parts(like an 81 with 73 engine)

I see that most of the people that work in the auto parts stores if they can't look it up on the computer they can't find the parts. I'm thinking a lot of them don't have any automotive experience at all. I had 20yrs experience in the automotive industry and was working for NAPA and was being paid the same that some guy fresh out of HS without any car knowledge at all. It's a shame that companies don't care if you have knowledge and experience in this field when it comes to the parts houses. If you ask them for small block valve cover gaskets for an early chevy they still want to know what to know yr make and model. Then if you tell them it's in a 40's hot rod they really get confused.

The local stores should have a computerized parts locator just like rock auto.
Order the parts online..pickup in store.
No need to waste cell minutes on some goofball.


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