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1979 Silver Anniversary Rescue


Recently picked up a Z code Y89 79 Trans Am! Missing the engine, transmission, console, most interior plastics, wheel spoilers and original silver tint T-tops. According to notes I found in the glove box it has been parked since 1988 with 100,335 miles. It's got the straightest, most rust free body I think I've seen on one of these that hasn't been restored. Paint is baked off from sitting out so long, but the dash is in perfect condition. We've had plenty of rain since I brought it home in December and not a drip from the T-top seals. Think I stumbled into an excellent foundation for my project. Also wanted to say thanks for this site and all the information I've found on it over the years.

Sounds like a good base to do your own thing with. Original parts and drive-line gone, original replacements are limited used and reproduction. Make your own version, the original was an acquired taste.


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