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Re: which to do? advice
« Reply #30 on: April 13, 2010, 10:16:13 PM »
wow, drum brakes suck, i guess this is the first time i worked on them and i can see how a lot of people dont like drum brakes. well enough about that, it went alright to day little problem on the driver rear with the fitment and getting it all to fit and line up, we are probably going to see how the brakes do for now and probably have the wheel cylinder replaced when we get the brake lines replaced. still need to bleed the brakes probably because the pedal still goes down to the floor, but it has felt better and its a little higher than before. the pull on the car is goes and seems to be driving better. well here is a couple pictures i got not many because i forgot my camera  yestarday when we did the most work.

wife took some pictures when working on the trans am
*so what do you guys think i should work on next exhaust,engine,or suspension
exhaust-starting to rust and there is cracks and leaks,there is a nosie coming from it
engine-runs alright but probably needs a compression test and some work
suspension-probably a check up to see what could be replaced,need to replace all body bushings and probably shocks and leaf springs

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Re: which to do? advice
« Reply #31 on: April 14, 2010, 08:01:40 AM »
Well IF it were me I'd prioritize it this way:

1. Engine
2. Suspension
3. Exhaust

My reasoning is this....A blown engine means the car isn't moving anywhere and will be an expensive repair bill. Catch that one first. Next make sure the car handles the bumps well. Then fix a leaky exhaust.

Having a great exhaust system with a blown engine does the car no good.

But that is how I would handle it. You're welcome to modify my suggestion any way you deem necessary :)

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Re: which to do? advice
« Reply #32 on: April 14, 2010, 06:49:23 PM »
that sounds like a good plan, thats probably what ill do, plus you make good points.
*now just to find an ls1 engine laying around.... just joking probably more $ to do that, and probably best to fix the olds 403
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