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T/A 6225:
Looking to start the winter projects on my '79.  My plan at this point is a "sleeper" street/strip car.  Stock appearing exterior/interior with an extra kick under the hood.  My previous cars I have always removed the heat and a/c as my cars are only driven during the summer and it is much cooler to cruise with the windows down. I am curious though if anyone knows of or has a heat and a/c system with a smaller box on the firewall.  I prefer a cleaner look and appreciate the extra room to work around the motor but have not really found any good options.

All that exists on my firewall for heat and Ac

T/A 6225:
Thanks for the reply. I like the look of that can you give me a little info about your setup?

It's the vintage air kit, specified for camaros, but everything fits the t/a except for the controls, which I am working on some that will use the stock location and look. But as you can tell my car is modified with a shaved firewall ls motor and other things....

T/A 6225:
I had looked at that but did not want to use an aftermarket control. Had not spent the time yet to figure out how to make it work but after seeing what it looks like it may be worth the time.


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