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Alternative T Top bags

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kev 190164:
these are what I have there good quality .

I guess a blanket will work. I was just looking for a more elegant solution  ;D but I guess nobody makes a generic t top bag.

Burd Turd:
I have 2 sets.  One with 1978 date codes and a very nice set with 1981 codes.  Pm me if interested.
$75 or $150,  I even have a nos set, though not for sale.  FYI, $100 is common mid grade, they are usually hard crusty tore junk for that.  Always with a heavy crease in the middle, no one ever lays them flat, I do. 
These bags when still avail at the dealers, were over a hundred dollars.  They were never cheap.

just go to an upholstery shop and have them make you a set. they won't have the fisher logo unless you have an old pair to transfer it but it will be made out of the same material as the original. That's what I did.

$80 is too much though, he's not going to get new custom ones made!


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