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Power Steering pressure line issues


Hey guys, just curious if anyone has run into this problem. I am in the process of replacing the power steering system in my 78 formula, and I have found it very difficult to find the correct power steering pressure line. To make this clear, my car has a 77 Pontiac 350 rather than the original 350 Chevy, but that doesn't seem to make a difference when ordering this particular part. every new power steering pressure line I have purchased has had a 2 part bend for the steel line segment that connects to the rear of the power steering pump, causing the line to hit the cylinder head. The original pressure line was a single 90 degree bend out of the back of the pump, keeping it away from the block. I do believe I finally found the correct one online, but if I didn't, does anyone know where I can locate the correct part? has anyone else had this issue? thanks,


I just had a blown line. Bought an AC Delco off of Rock Auto and an OER (maybe) at NPD.  Both were the wrong angle.
Picked up a mid grade at Autozone and it worked perfect.

In many instances they simply don't make them, replaced with generic lines that kinda fit many but perfect for none. I used the ends off an original and went and got a new hose made up, or lines. Don't throw out original parts or those that fit until you definitely can't use them. Plus, there is no shop that supplies any hose that will fit mine, you guys have it too easy.



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