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T Top weather stripping

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I recently purchased a 1978 trans am with American hatch corp t tops and was looking for an aftermarket supplier for the weatherstripping. My car didn't have it when I got it.

I don't believe there is one. I recall someone splicing together 2 sets of Hurst weatherseals, the American Hatch must be similar, just slightly larger.


I haven’t dealt with this company yet, but it’s the best I can come up with for firebird parts.

I've heard of the spliced hurst hatches form a friend, is there a website or someone that knows how to do it? They are slightly larger than hurst hatches.

were u able to find a solution?  I have a set of Hurst Type 1 T tops that will require some splicing because the weather stripping is too long on the B pillar.  I am trying to find some solutions on how best to do the splicing. thanks in advance.


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