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Up to what size can you throw on stock 77 T/A without having to change anything.  I've looked through the forum but haven't been able to find just a clear cut answer. I really want the 17s

There is no clear cut answer since what may fit on one car without mods, may require the rear seatbelt bulges flattened on another. Suspension type, height, rear brake types, all affect slightly.

YO 17" rims aren't terribly large, designed to fit these cars. They also have the custom type with separate hoops, but no need to alter the backspacing if you don't need to. I have the original one-piece YO R17's 285/40 on rear without mods and still some room, 255/45 on front and at full lock they just touch on the sway bar, but I also have custom steering so that's not helpful to you. New sports springs, sits maybe an inch lower each end. That's not even close to extreme, fairly common combo. You probably can't get those sizes on a Camaro due to the way their guards flare over.

Hmmm would it be safer to go 15s then? The car is all original so I just want to be able to bolt on and drive

 Safer, why? If you pick the already well proven sizes there's no dramas. You end up with same approx. backspacing and overall tyre diameter is reused, the car doesn't know what size rim vs tyre profile it is.

I dont know tires/ wheels so I just dont want to make a mistake and get something that wont fit. If the 17s can bolt on with little adjustments I'd rather go that route but if not the 15s would be the better choice?


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