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Edelbrock AVS2 Carburetor


Just finished rebuilding my Pontiac 400 complete with Edelbrock Performer D-Port Heads, Edelbrock Performer Intake, Butler Performance Roller Cam, Ram Air Reproduction Exhuast and Pertronix Flamethrower distributor.  On the dyno, I made 397 HP with the original Q-Jet carb.  Had it set as rich as possible and it was still too lean.  Really like the looks of the Edelbrock AVS2 Carb but in talking with their tech support, he was unusre if it would work with the original air cleaner and shaker hood scoop.  Don't want to buy one and find out it won't fit or that I have to bolt the shaker to the hood (which just looks ridiculous).

Has anybody run this carb and what, if any, are the fit issues with stock air cleaner and shaker scoop?



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