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1976 Trans am 455 Pontiac motor manual trans

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I am have a over heating issue.  it is getting way to hot for my liking.  just seeing what other aftermarket cooling systems or any suggestions that are out there.  i already changed my thermostat 2 times and yes the fan is running the clutch is ok.  Thank you all for any help you can give!

Do you have the factory fan shroud?

Yes i do!

What model is it, TA or other? Do you have the plastic baffle strip under the radiator support that also directs air from under car, or front air dam?
What radiator is in it, do you know the age or condition of it?
Coolant sensors are cheap, easy to swap it it to confirm same reading and to use a infra-red temp gun to confirm if gauge reading is fairly accurate too.
Do you know the age or type of water pump?

Its a 455 4 speed, Pontiac motor, i do have the plastic baffle underneath to direct more air.  I am not sure what kind of radiator i did have some work done to it about 6 to 8 years ago it does look aftermarket and at that time the water pump was changed too.  I live it PA so it does great really humid here.  i rode into work today it was 66 degrees on way it and only crested 200 one time (as long as i was moving).  At a light i got to about 210 but then light changed.  Thank you for your help!


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