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Yes, if you already have the right carb, or a suitable one, then you are already well ahead. Find a carb builder. It would be the same if trying to find a carb anyway.

Depends on what kind of condition your carb is in as to how difficult it is to rebuild. There really isnít a lot to them all things considered but the trick is knowing what you need to do for your setup. There are plenty of good resources out there to help you with that. First, hereís a link to a YouTube video/channel that has lots of good assembly/disassembly info.

If after that, you feel like taking it on yourself, give Cliff Ruggles a call. He used to do rebuilds but retired from that aspect. He still sells parts though and can offer advice as to what you need to rebuild your carb to your engineís specifications.

I like this rebuild video too.

Alive From 75:
Yes I know this is an OLD thread but in case someone has the same question I figured I would post this response. The video referenced is nothing but a "refresh" of the carb. If you want to unlock the potential of the carb, your engine, AND keep the original Q-Jet buy the Cliff Ruggles book on Q-Jets. Follow the instructions in the book and you will have a BEAST of a carb that is exactly built for your engine. Even if you have a bunch of upgrades done to your engine the Q-Jet will keep up with it easily. The only trick to the process is to be honest with yourself when you are looking at how powerful your engine really is. Hope this helps someone.


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