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Air cleaner adapter for EFI


I have a 79 Trans am 403 that I converted to FItech fuel injection.  I want to use the stock air cleaner if I can to avoid shaker fit issues, does anyone make a quadra-jet to round air cleaner adapter?  Or is there a new air cleaner assembly I can get that would work with the shaker?  Input on this would be great as I am beating my head over this.  Thanks

Firstly, I don't know anything about it or understand your question, but many seem to still use their original air cleaner as the Fi is just a Qjet replacement. I can imagine some version may have clearance issues, need different aircleaners or spacers.

Issue is the qjet air cleaner has that funky wedge and will not sit on the round fi-tech.  Any adapter I buy dosen't have that and I cannot get it with out gaps.  I did not want to but maybe I will have to dremel off the ears for the air cleaner and jbweld a circle adapter.

No idea what you are talking about, but try an active group.


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