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Title: My other Bird 1980
Post by: raveer2000 on April 24, 2010, 12:39:04 PM
This is my other firebird. I have another post on here about my 77 T/A but I figured I would show a few pics of the 1980 Formula bird that I am doing a quick fix on to sell.  I bought this car from a guy that said it was beyond repair for the princely sum of $250.  I trailered it to my shop, threw a battery in it and dumped some gas down the carb and it fired to life. It actually ran fairly well other than the quadrajet acting up.  It had some severe rust around the rear glass and a few other spots, so i welded in some new metal and am getting the body ready for primer.  I had some stock rally steelies on it but have since traded them for a set of aftermarket wheels. My plan is to straighten the body somewhat and shoot black primer on it.  I put on a holly carb that I had laying in my shop and now the 301 purrs like a kitten. I had basically no interior but I scored some seats from a junk yard that will work great in the car. not sure what to do about door panels.  I am just going to make it some what drivable and then sell it to get money for my 77 T/A.
This is what is looked like when I bought it.
This is the after the window repair

Painting the engine and the engine compartment.
Sorry about all the dust on this one
Lastly the new wheels I got. 
Title: Re: My other Bird 1980
Post by: ZachAttack77TA on April 24, 2010, 05:09:53 PM
Wow! Pretty good investment. I'd probably keep it, but you could certainly make some money on it. Great work!