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Title: prepping for new paint, need fiberglass repair advice
Post by: Frankenbird on April 18, 2016, 01:19:16 AM
I am prepping the car for a fresh paint job this spring.  One problem area is the fiberglass header panel.  It has half a dozen stress cracks in it, by stress cracks I mean they don't go all the was through 'yet'.  it is also cracked and actually split open around the grill area .  After reading a lot about the stress cracks I plan on opening up the crack slightly with a dremel and filling the v'd area with  bondo glass filler.  Is that my correct plan of action?


I am unsure what to use for the area that is actually broken though.  I think I tried some off the shelf epoxy the first time but that failed pretty quickly.  What should I use to glue it back together?  Should I grind both sides down and then use bondo filler inside the opening along with some fiberglass strips behind it?  Is there some particular adhesive that I should seek out?