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Title: '79 Y84 403 Battery smokes, car doesn't start.
Post by: Maxthe222 on March 21, 2018, 09:51:18 PM
Hey guys, more issues

So basically I just had my carb completely cleaned and redone, reinstalled the cold air intake, blew and replaced a radiator hose, and replaced the battery in my car. After all that a few days later, it's not starting.

I tried to start the car today, it was kinda cold weather (21 degrees?) , and I gave it a few pumps. Tried turning the key a few times, everything seemed normal, making the right noises and all that, never held the ignition for more than 4-5 seconds. At first I thought the engine was flooded, since I was still getting used to way the cleaned and tuned carb worked, but the petrol smell around the exhaust and engine wasn't very strong.

Popped the bonnet, looked around, didn't see any smoke or anything out of the ordinary. Tried starting it again, and then noticed smoke coming out of the red battery terminal???

Since the battery is new, I'm inclined to believe it could be the starter motor? It started to sound a bit slower towards the end. Battery is a brand new HD lion battery, last one I had was a tiny battery for a smaller car. Maybe something in the electrics going on? There was definetly a weird smell around the engine after that, I've smelt it before but I didn't know what it was, maybe it was an electrical burning smell?

Any ideas?? I don't think I'll find a starter motor around here any time soon, especially a decent original one.
Title: Re: '79 Y84 403 Battery smokes, car doesn't start.
Post by: Aus78Formula on March 21, 2018, 11:09:33 PM
You've probably done this, but double check all the grounds and battery leads and any other wiring is well-earthed, or located where it should be and making good contact, check alternator as well since 403 also links up there. Have you anything else apart or off since last started and previous battery, check that also.

Have a good look around the starter motor cable and wiring, a fresh battery with big amps on old fried cables near an exhaust can quickly find that they can no longer cope. I recently sold a starter and part harness to another 403 TA owner in Sydney that was fried there, mine was similar years ago.
Title: Re: '79 Y84 403 Battery smokes, car doesn't start.
Post by: Maxthe222 on March 24, 2018, 09:15:24 PM
Ok! It's fixed! It was a combination, you were right in saying check the leads, the positive battery lead that smoked a bit was pretty rough, we took it off and brushed it and filed back some of the corrosion on the inside of the clamp ring, and that seemed to help. The starter however sort of had a problem too, but my neighbour jammed a screwdriver in it (?) and pushed a gear a few cranks back, and then it started running real good again!

Drove it around today and it was working great, so check your wires I suppose!