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Can Someone Post A Pic
« on: January 25, 2009, 11:30:40 PM »
still struggling with my dash
now i lost my right signal light on dash
so i have lite half my speedo
my oil pressure light
my AC and Heat Panal is lit as is the lighter and left signal

Heres what i dont have
no tach light
no right signal
no gas or battery light

does anybody have a diagram with what the bulbs do on the back of the gauges like what each one lights

mind you before the new speedo cable i have a pull dash of lights minus the gas and battery i have never had these but i did last week for one day but they were concstitanly on whenever the key was
they have since went out

the plug in the back off speedo head seems plugged in so i dont know what caused this all of a sudden

but just to note i do have a after market temp gauge and that is mounted on the compartment below steering and as of today now that light has went out on that
im wondering of my short isnt in that wire that i have going to that light