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Tipp City Cruise-In !
« on: August 03, 2014, 08:58:59 PM »
Ok guys, I just got done meeting with the group about Tipp City and the cruise-in and everything looks good for this year. Parking will be a little bit tighter on the main strip, but other than that all will be the same as previous years. Can't wait to see everyone there ! I do want to point out and also let everyone one the one big change for going to Tipp City this year. With the Nationals being held at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn, the easiest way to get to Tipp City is using the back roads. I took this route today to get to Tipp City and it is a nice drive all the way in to downtown on Main Street. This is the way we would like EVERYONE to take this year to get to Tipp City and it is quite easy and a nice drive. When you leave the Holiday Inn, take 675 North which when you pass over I70 will turn into Spangler Rd. (Rt. 335). Stay straight on Spangler Rd. which turns into Sycamore St. (Rt 303) which then in turn changes into Rt. 571 (which is Main Street in Tipp City!). So basically when you leave the hotel on 675 North, you don't have to make any turns! You do pass through New Carlisle which has a few stop lights and is 35mph, but the rest of the drive is nice back country roads at 50 or 55mph. This brings you into the East side of Downtown Tipp City which is the opposite end of town from all of the previous years, but it works out better for parking and leaving at the end of the night. So please, pass the word around and make sure this word gets spread throughout the Firebird/Trans Am community ! We will be ready and will see you in a few weeks !
Brett Campbell
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