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Build Sheet

This is probably the single most important piece of documentation for your car.


Build Sheet General Overview

Here is an example of a Factory Build Sheet. This can be found in any number of locations such as under the rear seats or front seats. It has also been located behind the rear seats in between the cardboard spacer and the trunk or even under the carpet. I have heard stories of it being in many different locations inside the car so search and you will find it (that is as long as a previous owner or person who restored the car didn't get rid of it). This Sheet can tell you anything you wanted to know about your car and what was originally built with it and how it left the Factory. This is one of the most important things you can find for your car for documentation. Many people ask me what their car came with and just send me the VIN Number or the Cowl Data Tag, but that won't tell you what your came with. They ask me if it is a Special Edition or not or if it came with T-tops, but the VIN Number and Cowl Data Tag won't always tell you that, or have that information listed. Your build sheet WILL HAVE EVERYTHING. On this sheet is listed what was ordered and built on your specific car, when it left the Factory and so much more. Just to give you an example of what is listed here, on the picture, you can associate the letters with the following information:

Sections Explained

A. Build date for your car B. 2W87Z8N (Trans Am Designation)

C. Stabilizer bar codes (helpful for WS6 designation) D. Steering Code (again, helpful for WS6)

E. Engine Code F. Transmission Code G. Exterior/Interior color codes H. Wheel Codes (were they 15x7" or 15x8" rims)

I. This is the most important section because here you will find out more information than you wanted to know about your Trans Am like:

AU3 - Electric door locks, A31 - Electric Windows, C60 - Air conditioning B37 - Front and rear floor mats, CC1 - Hatch T-Tops, GM8 - 2.56 Rear axle gear G80 - Positraction, L78 - V-8 400, K30 - Cruise control, M33 - 3 Speed automatic WS6 - Handling package, WW7 - Hood bird decal, YJ8 - Aluminum wheels And so much more......... For More information about RPO codes, check this page out: RPO Codes

J. Assembly Plant K. Dealer that your car was originally sold

So, I can't stress enought that this is a VERY important sheet of paper that you need to find for your car. Your VIN number and Cowl Data is ok, but this will tell you just about everything you needed to know even what speedometer and gauges were in your car. You will find almost all of the answers you need on this sheet so that is why this one is very important and informative. Now, if you were unable to locate the build sheet inside the car, there is the possibility of finding the second build sheet. They put a second one in the car located on top of the gas tank. Now because this is outside the car and somewhat exposed to the elements, these are usually gone. Sometimes though, you get lucky enough to find it there or at least some of it there.

Sorry to say that the build sheet is a one of a kind item. The only build sheet(s) left the factory with the car. Once that build sheet is gone, it is gone. There is no getting a replacement or copy of it. You can contact PHS (Pontiac Historical Services www.phs-online.com) and they can get you a copy of the original dealer invoice for the car. It can tell you how the car was ordered, but is not nearly as complete as a build sheet.


Your build sheet will also correspond with alot of other options with your car and numbers. Of course, if you look at the upper right hand corner of your build sheet, it will match your VIN number, it will also correspond with your cowl plate data as well.

Now that was just a general overview of the sections of the build sheet. There is roughly 123 boxes located on the build sheet with thousands of different codes that could be in there. I know this is the case for later build sheets (from around 1975 and up) and should still correspond with earlier years, just not exactly sure. Here is a complete listing of all of the boxes on the build sheet in numerical order (which is usually from top left progressing accross the right then).

1. Job Sequence Number 2. Ignition Key 3. Comp Key 4. Engine Number
5. Transmission Number 6. Axle Number 7. Carb Number 7A. Date Produced
8. Body Number 9. Number 10. Scedule Number Date 11. Axle
12. Frame 13. Front Control Arms 14. Rear Control Arms 15. Front Springs (LH,RH)
16. Rear Springs ((LH,RH) 17. Front Shocks 18. Rear Shocks 19. Steering Knuckle
20. Steering Gear and Linkage 21. Stabilizer Bar (FR,RR) 22. X.Mem 23.
24. Sequence Number 25. Exhaust 26. Engine 27. Transmission
28. Speedometer Gear 29. Fuel Pump 30. Starter Motor 31. Alternator and Pulley
32.P/S Pump and Pulley 33. Crank and Fan Pulley 34. Fan Assembly 35. V-Belt Groove (1)
36. V-Belt Groove (2) 37. V-Belt Groove (3) 38. V-Belt Groove (4) 39. Carb
40. Emissions Control 41. Vacuum Fittings 42. Engine Mounts 43. Prop Shaft
44. Engine Harness 45.Radiator 46. Radiator Hose 47. Battery
48. Battery Cable 49. Front End Harness 50. Fuel System 51. Heatr Hose Inlet
52. Heater Hose Outlet 53. Air Cleaner 54. Tansmission Cooler(in/out) 55. Hydro Pierce
56. Radiator Fan Shroud 57. Tachometer 58. 59.
60. Steering Column and Color 61. Steering Wheel 62. Headliner 63. Door Panels
64. Rear Shelf Trim 65. Front Seat Belts 66. Rear Seat Belts 67. Carpet Color
68. Carpet Type 69. Kick Panels 70. Interior accents 71.
72. 73. Console 74. Dome Light 75. Wheel Trim
76. Model 77. Trim 78. Top 79. Exterior Paint Color
80. Brake Valve 81. Master Cylinder 82. Speedometer Cable 83. Instrument Panel Harness
84. Instrument Cluster 85. Throttle Cable 86. Radio 87. Instrument Panel Pads
88. Body Front Wiring Harness 90. Tires 91. Emission Labels 92. Tire Pressure Table Code
93. Bumper Ht. Code 95. Fuel Ecomony Label 96. Engine Cert. 97. Inspection
98. Shifter 99. Hood Bird Emblem 100. Left Front Shims 101. Left Rear Shims
102. Right Front Shims 103. Right Rear Shims 104. Decals 105. Color Decals
106. Jack 107. RPO Codes Listing 108. Statement Carrier Listing 109. Dealer Charged to
110. Dealer Shipped to 111. Order Number 112. Dealer Zone Number 113. Dealer Number
114. Dealer Class 115 Tag 116. Zone 117. Dealer
118. S/F 119. Date Shipped 120. Routing 121. Car and Load Number
122. Destination Charges 123. Destination Taxes