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Specifications Breakdown

Here I will try and provide a quick glance at certain specifications relating to the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Items such as wheelbase, width, height, weight, capacities, engine and drivetrain combinations, and more. This will be a quick glance at all of the Factory Specifications for your vehicle.

Firebird Firebird Esprit Firebird Formula Firebird Trans Am
2FS87 2FT87 2FU87 2FW87
Tread Front 61.3 61.6
Tread Rear 60 60.3
Vehicle Width 73.4
Vehicle Width w/Front door open 140.5
Wheelbase 108.2
Vehicle Length 196.8
Overhang Front 42.8
Overhang Rear 45.9
Upper Structure Length 94.2
Rear Wheel C/L "X" Coordinate 86.7
Cowl Point "X" coordinate 9.4
Vehicle Height 49.3 49.3 49.5 49.5
Cowl point to ground 35.7 35.9
Deck point to ground 35.6 35.8
Headlamp to ground 26.1 (measured from height above ground to center of bulb)
Taillamp to ground 25.4 (measured from height above ground to center of bulb)
Sidemarker to ground 23.0 fr. 22.2 rr. (measured from height above ground to center of bulb)
Windshield Slope Angle 57.4 deg.
Ground Clearance
Front bumper to ground 11.7 11.6
Rear bumper to ground 10.2 10.5
Angle of Approach 18.4 deg. 18.5 deg.
Angle of Departure 10.4 deg. 10.7 deg.
Rear axle Differential to ground 6.8
Min. Running ground clearance 5.2 5.3
Location of Min. ground clearance Catalytic Converter
Vehicle Weight 3364 3395 3652 3621

Power Combinations

( F= Federal     A = Altitude     C = California )
(Federal/High Altitude Engine/Axle Combinations available all states except California.)
(High Altitude Engine/Axle Combinations not recommended for Low Altitude.)

Series Availability Code cu. in. Carb. Comp. Ratio
(x to 1)
BHP @ RPM Torque @ RPM Exhaust
S=Single D=Dual
Transmission Axle Ratio