2017 Trans Am Nationals August 25-27, 2017

If you would like a copy of your judging sheet from 2016,

Please mail a self-addressed stamped envelope with $5.00

your name, car number, and class that you were in this year.

Make check payable to Trans Am Club of America and mail to:
Trans Am Club of America
c/o Cheryl Minor
18909 Tripoli Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45251
You must understand this is a judges opinion and next year it could be a different judge that sees your car all together different.
This is just a general idea of where you might improve, but it doesn't give you a trophy guarantee next year.
Deadline for Judging Sheets is November 30, 2016


(to be filled out by Owner)

CAR # - Self explanatory
CLASS - Alpha designation (A, B, G, EE, etc.)
OWNER - Owner's name
YR - Year of the car
COLOR - Color of the car
MODEL - Sprint, Formula, Special Edition, GTA, Firehawk, etc.
MILES - Current odometer reading

INTERIOR (Max. 5 points each)
SEATS - Judges will be looking for wear, rips and stains in
upholstery. They will also look at the condition of the foam seat
cushions to see if they are deformed or collapsed.
CARPET/FLOOR MATS - Any significant wear, stains, dirt or debris
in the floor area will be noted
DASH/DOOR PANELS/CONSOLE - Excessive wear, cracks &
discoloration in vinyl, leather and rubber will reduce points.
CLEANLINESS - Crumbs, dust, food, etc. in crevices are big
offenders here. Grass clippings, mud, sand & dirt also cost points.
PRESENTATION - Car should be presented as if it were in a sales brochure:
Are the seats and seatbacks adjusted evenly? Dash vents and controls lined up?
Steering wheel straight? Seat belts twisted up?
Coolers, jackets, and cleaning articles left inside car can cost points!

EXTERIOR (Max. 5 points each)
PAINT/DECALS -Are there any drips, runs, or thin spots preser paint finish?
Finish smooth and glossy? If car has original paint- has factory finish been well-maintained?
Have the large nicks, chips and scratches been touched up? Are decals cracked or faded?
Judges will also look at decal placement and for bubbles under decals.
Are the facias, bumpers and spoilers cracked, chipped or faded?
Is chrome shiny and smooth? Fit and finish of body components will cost points if extremely poor.
WHEELS/TIRES - Are wheels & tires clean and in good condition?
Do either show signs of curb scrapes? Grease, brake dust, tar
and road grime in crevices cost points. Are tires in good condition and clean?
CLEANLINESS - Get the wax out of the crevices & wipe that big
greasy blob of Armor-All off of the tires!
PRESENTATION - Can the car easily be viewed from all sides?
Is it clean throughout display so that all areas may be judged?

ENGINE COMPARTMENT (Max. 5 points each)
ENGINE/ALUMINUM: Is engine paint burned off or discolored?
Grease & oil and rusty components cost points. Is underhood aluminum dull-looking?
BELTS/HOSES/RUBBER/WIRING: Are they clean, serviceable, and
routed well? Any evidence of cracked, frayed hoses or wiring will cost points.
ACCESSORIES: All there and serviceable?
Common problemhere is missing A/C compressor.
CLEANLINESS: Does engine bay have nice appearance? If original, are the firewall,
engine, accessories and steering/suspension clean and well-preserved?
If modified,were mods well-executed? Is bright metal & chrome polished -
no water spots or corrosion?
PRESENTATION: Everything under hood straight and clean?
Did the owner sweat the details?

OVERALL (Max. 25 points)
OVERALL APPEARANCE: This is a measure of the entire car on a
scale from 1 - 25 as opposed to it's separate sections and/or
components. The overall score should be consistent with the
scores in the prior three categories. Is the workmanship,
craftsmanship, maintenance and/or cleanliness of the car
consistent throughout? Is the car displayed as if it were being
photographed for the sales brochure? Has the vehicle owner
paid attention to all of the details?


Example Judging Sheet:



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