2017 Trans Am Nationals August 25-27, 2017

Here is a list of the 2017 Nationals classes and the definitions for them. Classes are subject to change due to the number of entries. Show officials reserve the right to determine class. ALL cars must be driven into their assigned classes for Saturday & Sunday judging & ALL decisions are final. Please, no large displays around car, including trophies and mirrors. NO glass bottles or containers. For the Safety of guests, participants, and cars, Please we do not allow canopies, tents, or pop-up shades of any kind in all show areas. No truck or back-up vehicles of any kind allowed in any of the show areas. No golf carts allowed except those used by show staff. No scooters unless they are properly licensed. Absolutely, NO cooking will be allowed in all show areas. With respect to your fellow participants and spectators we ask that you do not move your cars from show fields on Sunday till after awards. We know everyone is anxious to leave or load cars on trailers but it would be a little nicer is everyone would stay parked till after awards. Due to tie breakers or Best of Show pick it may be to your advantage to stay put. The purpose of the Trans Am Nationals is to provide a forum for Firebird enthusiasts to meet, display their cars, share ideas, and to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Pontiac F-body owners. ENJOY THE SHOW !


Class A Stock 1967 - 1969 Class H Heavy Modified 1967 - 1981
Class B Stock 1970 - 1976 Class I-1 Heavy Modified 1982 - 1992
Class C Stock 1977 - 1978 Class I-2 Heavy Modified 1993 - 1997
Class CC Stock 1979 - 1981 Class I-3 Heavy Modified 1998 - 2002
Class D Stock 1982 - 1992  
Class E Stock 1993 - 1997 Class J Custom 1967 - 2002
Class EE Stock 1998 - 2002  
  Class L-1 Heavy Custom 1967 - 1976
Class F-1 Modified 1967 - 1969 Class L-2 Heavy Custom 1977 - 1981
Class F-2 Modified 1970 - 1976  
Class F-3 Modified 1977 - 1978 Class M-1 Heavy Custom 1982 - 1992
Class F-4 Modified 1979 - 1981 Class M-2 Heavy Custom 1993 - 1997
  Class M-3 Heavy Custom 1998 - 2002
Class G-1 Modified 1982 - 1992 Class N Super Street All Years
Class G-2 Modified 1993 - 1997  
Class G-3 Modified 1998 - 1999 Class P Firehawks & COMP T/A All Years
Class G-4 Modified 2000 - 2002  
  Class W Work-In-Progress/Drivers
Class SE1 Stock All Years  
Class SE2 Modified All Years Concours Class 1967 - 1974

This is subject to adjustment at the discretion of show and tech line chair based upon participation.

Classes are subject to change prior to show. Any changes will be posted here.

2017 Trans Am Nationals Class Definitions

Stock Changes allowed in stock classes are limited to the following:

No other visible changes will be allowed in any of the stock classes!

Modified: Allows 1 - 5 changes

Heavy Modified: Allows 6 - 10 changes

Custom: Allows 11 - 15 changes

Heavy Custom: Allows 16 or more changes, or any of the following:

Super Street: with any of the following equipment:


Firehawks & COMP T/A: All F-Body Types, All Years

Special Edition (SE): All Types, All Years, Must be Documented

All Protests MUST be done by 10:30am Sunday




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